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I would like this website to give you easy access to information about astrology.  I hope you will join the Tanda Astrology Club which offers a   subscription three times a year to my newsletter, various astrological articles based on understanding the planets and signs in your chart and a preview of other services to come.

My range of experience over the past 40 years includes doing astrological charts for an international clientele from a wide variety of professional backgrounds.  My interest in Psychology ranging from Jungian Theory to Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism has also been a source of inspiration for me.

Philosophy/ Mission Statement
Astrology provides you with the narrative of your life.  By learning to understand how this narrative expresses itself in your family, your significant relationships and your work, you can understand the meaning of different events and its effect on your inner and outer life.  In addition to being a predictive tool, the best use of Astrology is to be able to understand the inner meaning of the events unfolding in your life as it relates to your identity and the nature of your purpose in life.
Tanda Tashjian
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